What sort of diet do you recommend?

These recommendations are all made based off of each individuals challenges, lifestyle, food intolerances, blood type, and test results (if applicable). For instance, just because cabbage is healthy, doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you, or if you don’t have a gallbladder, the way you eat fats will have to be changed and strategically planned.

How long is the program?

The once a month and twice a month health coaching plans are 5 months in length with a review of success at the end to determine your next step In coaching, vitamins, etc. 

The coaching plans that include chiropractic range in length based off of what Each person needs to correct their spine. 

How long will it take to see results?

That depends on you! Physical and functional ailments play a factor, but the dedication you bring to the coach-client relationship is the biggest determining factor. 

Why do you recommend chiropractic?

Chiropractic, specifically corrective chiropractic, helps to restore proper function into your body by removing interferences that cause poor digestion, hormone imbalances, poor brain-body communication, and so much more allowing your body to function and heal the way it’s meant to! 

What are the Metabolix tests testing for? And how is it different from the tests My doctor does?

The Metabolix tests are testing the metabolic (or biochemical) pathways in your body. These are a series of chemical reactions that work with your nervous system to control digestion, stress, hormones, detoxing, and pretty much anything that happens in your body! It Is crucial that they function correctly In order to Be healthy! The metabolic pathways are what control the things your doctor is testing for. By fixing the cause, you eliminate the symptoms rather than using better lifestyle habits and vitamins as bandaids. 

I don’t live in the Fort Worth area. Can you still help me?

Of course! Our “CAN’T DRIVE” Plan is perfect for you. We would meet twice a month via phone call or Skype and you still have access to the best resources!