What to expect..

Your first time in the office is an exciting one! 

Getting started is easy...

  1. Visit the booking page to book your appointment and I Will get back to you personally in 24 hours or less via phone or email. 
  2. At the time of booking, I will get some brief info, find the perfect time to meet, and collect your consultation fee (via credit or debit). 
  3. I will then send you a quick e-document that helps me get to know you before we meet. This includes challenges you are facing, your goals, and current lifestyle questions. We will discuss this document in depth at your consultation.
  4. At your consult, we will spend 30 minutes getting to know one another and determine whether or not a coach-client relationship is the best fit! We will discuss your goals, your struggles, and how I can help you! (There is no obligation to start working with me, but if its the right fit I will highly recommend you do so!)
  5. Once you decide to move forward, I will provide you with the resources and tools included in the program you chose. 
  6. Then we both get to work and your life becomes what you always imagined!!


Initial Consultation Fee

 The initial consultation is a one time $50 fee (due at time of booking). However, if we choose to work together that fee is credited towards your first monthly payment!


Have questions? I have answers! I will be happy to answer any questions you have you call to book, but feel free to check out the Frequently Asked Questions in the meantime!

frequently asked questions